Welcome to the world of HER!

A world where you can discover your inner celebrity and dare to be HER!

Allow us to assist you in making the best informed hair care decision ever. “HER” represents Excellence, Quality and High Standards. We offer some of the most superior professional products in the beauty industry. Our products were created and developed for women of all ethnicities.
The “HER” team strives to provide the highest level of professionalism, knowledge/education, expertise and attention to detail. Perfection is achieved by going the extra mile and producing outstanding results for every client.
HER went on a journey to find the best organic human hair extensions in the world. This process took many years of trial and error. We can honestly say that our extensions will stand the test of time. Let Your Hair care Journey Begin with HER”.

Our 100% Supreme Quality Organic Human Hair Extensions and wigs, are hand crafted by the finest designers in the world. HER Organic Hair Extensions and Wigs will provide the quality that you have been

A HER professional is a Stylist that has completed our 24 level Hair Extension Room E-training.  Once training is complete, you will have learned over 20 unique hair extension techniques

Experience some of the most superior professional products in the beauty industry. Every HER Product is formulated with you in mind. Beautiful hair is  Healthy Hair and this is what you can

HER Vision:
Our vision revolves around continuous improvement which is accomplished through:

Quality & Value
High Standards
Exemplary Customer Service
The ultimate end result is a satisfied client.

HER Mission:
To provide the best organic 100% human hair extensions on the market. This will allow all women to discover their inner celebrity by making HER part of their daily beauty regime.